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Frank Addington Jr.

Frank Addington Jr., REALTOR® | Legacy Broker Group

Frank's unique experience in the outdoor sports and entertainment business makes him an ideal resource for those looking for a place to call their own in the great state of Texas.

Once he helps you refine and understand exactly what you are looking for, Frank goes to work to closely match available properties to your needs and desires. 

During his 36 years as a professional archer, Frank has performed in 43 states to a wide variety of audiences at rodeos, fairs, festivals, expos, outdoor sports, and numerous private shows for celebrities and legacy ranch owners. His people skills, network reach, and performance experience enhance Frank's ability to understand and empathize with his clients, focus on the objective at hand, and deliver a top tier customer satisfaction experience to his clients.
Yes, Frank Addington, Jr., AKA the "Aspirin Buster" is as good at helping his clients hone in on their objectives as he is for shooting baby aspirin and mustard seeds out of the air. With his bow. From behind his back.
Frank's journey has taken him to almost every state in the country, reinforcing Frank's conviction that there is no where on earth quite like Texas.  From the thick brush of south Texas to the big live oaks of the hill country, to the open expanses of west Texas; Frank is equipped and ready to help you find that dream home, ranch, or hunting property.

A bonafide straight shooter, literally, Frank is ready and able to equip you for the journey to turn your dreams into your own Texas land legacy.

Office Location: 710 E. Blanco Rd, Boerne
Office Phone Number: 830-446-3378

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