Juan Barberena, REALTOR®

Born into a ranching family, Juan is a 5th generation rancher with roots tied to northern Mexico and south Texas. He does not remember a time when he did not own or ride a horse since his early childhood spent on horseback at the family ranch. After graduating from high school in Alief, Texas, Juan returned to Nuevo Laredo to ranch alongside his family, while pursuing a career in the international livestock trade. He worked with ranchers, cattle buyers, and horsemen to facilitate the import/export of livestock and equipment. From feeder steers headed to Amarillo to prize-winning herd bulls headed to Veracruz and from high-caliber race horses to exporting and shipping more than 2000 horses destined for the mounted police department in Mexico City, Juan has been in the middle of it. His keen approach when adapting to clients’ needs and his bilingual skill turned many clients into friends from all parts of the United States and Mexico. 

Years later, Juan used his logistics experience to work with General Motors and Chrysler as the head of finished vehicle distribution in south Texas. He oversaw the everyday arrival, inspection, and dispatch of vehicles made in Mexico on their way to dealerships in the US. He was responsible for high-capacity staging yards where he held 1200-1500 vehicles on any given day before their departure to their final destination. While working, Juan returned to Laredo Community College and acquired his real estate license in 2005.

After closing the operation for General Motors and Chrysler, Juan dedicated his full time to his livestock and selling ranches and industrial properties in south Texas and Mexico. He had a short stint working with the USDA Tick Eradication program and the oilfield boom of the Eagle Ford Shale where he honed his negotiating skills selling and servicing well-enhancing products and equipment. 

In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, buying and selling horses and cattle and the occasional get away to help day-work with friends.

Office Location: 710 E. Blanco Rd, Boerne

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