July 2018

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Question: Can you, as a buyer, possibly make a better deal by dealing directly with the agent whose name is on the “For Sale” sign?


Answer: Probably not...and the law (quoted below) puts you at a disadvantage.


AS A SUBAGENT: A license holder acts as a subagent when aiding a buyer in a transaction without an agreement to represent the buyer. A subagent can assist the buyer but does not represent the buyer and must place the interests of the owner first.


For clarity’s sake, understand that 1) the license holder is me, 2) the buyer is you, and 3) the owner is the individual who is selling a property.


Many buyers make the mistake of assuming that working directly with the license holder who is selling an owner’s property

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A Texas hill country evening: a view over Texas Ranch Land

While using technology can help you get a 10,000-foot view of the Texas Hill Country and South Texas ranch market. It is no substitute for engaging with the experts directly, to assist your ranch-buying efforts.

That is why we encourage you to reach out to us at Legacy Broker Group, so we can better understand your needs, goals, personal style, and non-negotiables.

That said, Legacy Broker Group is also very proud to provide you with a continually updated, user-friendly market research tool: our fantastic website. 

If you have already created an account on our website, you need to know that the first search you performed has been saved for you and you will now begin to receive ranch listings that match your search criteria as new properties

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