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Trey Denny knows the ups and downs of the cattle business. The ups: Five years into the trade, he's accumulating acreage, building commercial and show-cattle herds and selling Charolais-Angus cross show steers to 4-H and FFA kids in his home county in East Texas and elsewhere. Learn more about how young ranchers are buying ranches here. 


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Finally, after 12 years and three attempts, my climbing partner Reg and I were standing on the summit of Kit Carson Peak in southern Colorado.

It was a glorious day. Clear. No wind. One more Colorado 14er marked off the list. All that was left was to glissade down the softening snow field we had climbed in the early morning hours, pack up, and head back to the trail head.

But first, since it was the first time in 2 days we had any cell phone reception; I decided to share the victorious moment with my lovely bride.  (FYI, there is great cell phone coverage when you are standing at 14,000+ feet in Colorado).

Me: “Traci, we made the summit!”

Traci; in a tone that was at once unimpressed, irritated, and smirkingly vengeful: “Great. By the way,

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Consumer perceptions could be changing as a shift in reporting about beef favors cattle grazing as an important part of land management. There are some interesting facts in this article about how tides may be shifting in the consumers eyes. Learn more about this shift here.

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'Beef' magazine has an article with sound advice that we wanted to share with you. If you are thinking of owning cattle these are three ratios that you should think about when considering everything that owning cattle entails. Though this article will have an overview of these ratios and a few things to consider, be sure to check out the full article here.

Also be sure to check out the 'Related Links' at the bottom of this page for more information about improving grazing practices.


Acres per Cow

Firstly, they suggest two ways to reduce your acre to cow ratio and to economically improve your production. The first is to reduce the size and milking ability of cows, therefore decreasing the nutrition need that they require. One more

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NRCS in Texas is making funding available through the agency's Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQUIP) for qualified agricultural producers to assist in conservation practices that help to sustain the lands natural resources during drought or assist during recovery. Learn more about the program here. 

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