September 2018

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Drought conditions throughout much of the state this summer likely will mean lower wildlife numbers this hunting season. Deer, quail and turkey numbers will be affected. Fewer forbs and reduced nutritional value in browse and other food crops along with typical predation are contributing factors. Learn more about hunting conditions for this season here.


A Texas game bird in front of a cactus

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The rains this past week were great across the state but be on the watch for armyworms in your hay pastures especially your coastal Bermuda fields. Armyworms can devour grass quicker than almost any other pest so be very diligent in watching for them in your fields. Learn about your region's weather here.

September, Fall weather insects found in Texas Hill Country

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Many farms and ranches in Texas Hill Country rely on groundwater that is extracted from beneath the limestone and granite landscape. This resource is responsible for much of what is great about the region but also brings its own challenges and concerns. For one, the quality of your water may influence the production and taste of your favorite at-home beverages, like coffee. 

Read on for more information about hard water in Texas, specifically the Central Hill Country region, and what to do about it.

What is "Hard" Water? 

The phrase "hard water" refers to water that has relatively high mineral content. Water that is extracted from the ground tends to be hard because it takes on minerals from its geological surroundings. Trace minerals found in

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New to the Market!

  Cordillera De Robles -103 Acre Medina County Ranch just south of Tarpley, TX.

Texas Premier Ranch Realty on Youtube.


Cordillera De Robles Ranch

Cordillera De Robles is a hunter’s paradise for those seeking tranquility only an hour and fifteen minutes from downtown San Antonio.

  • Offered in 2 Separate Tracts of 51 and 52 acres.
  • Breathtaking views of the Tarpley and Utopia Hills
  • Multiple Cleared Building Sites
  • End of the
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