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South: Warmer than normal temperatures dominated the region with departures in west Texas 6-9 degrees above normal. It was a mainly dry week over the area, with just portions of eastern Oklahoma, Arkansas and into Louisiana recording above-normal precipitation with departures of up to 0.50 inches above normal. With the continued dryness in south Texas, some new areas of abnormally dry conditions were added this week with an expansion of moderate drought in far south Texas.


Looking Ahead: Over the next 5-7 days, the eastern United States has the greatest potential for precipitation, with the greatest amounts over the Southeast and into southern Florida. The northern United States also should see precipitation from the northern Rocky Mountains

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Research shows time and time again, whether it is because of profit or pain management, that the earlier you castrate, the better. A Kansas State University study showed that bulls castrated and implanted at an average of 3 months of age weighed 2 pounds more at 7.5 months of age than did the intact bull calves in the same study. At 7.5 months, the bulls were castrated, and then both groups were weighed 28 days later to assess gain. The steers castrated as calves gained 48 pounds, while the bulls that were cut at an average of 578 pounds only gained 33 pounds. That is a lost potential gain of 15 pounds, as these late-castrated bulls had to deal with the stress of healing from surgery. Learn more about how to get the most out of your ranch and raising

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The long standing drought we experienced over the summer of 2018 and in the past several years is slowly fading for most of the state. The creeks and streams are starting to run all over the Hill Country and the rest of Texas. While the drought has left Texas for the most part some of the nation is currently experiencing extreme drought. Check out more on the drought situation nationwide here. 


US Drought Monitor And Summary For January 2019 | Texas Premier Ranch Realty | Texas Hill Country and South Texas Ranches for Sale

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The government has the power to seize land from citizens to build things like schools, roads and border walls although it is required to fairly compensate them. That power is more limited at the local and state level, where officials have enacted policies to protect landowners. Meanwhile, the federal government could feasibly take private land and begin building on it the same day — and pay the property owner later. Learn more about Eminent Domain and this issue here. 

Eminent Domain | Texas Premier Ranch Realty | Texas Hill Country and South Texas Ranches For Sale

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