Fall Fishing in Texas

A Guide To Fall Fishing In Texas

As summer turns to autumn, there’s one activity at the forefront of our minds: fall fishing. When the mornings turn chilly and the skies become gray, you know you’re in for a great catch. Texas has a world-class saltwater fishery year-round, but saltwater fishing is at its peak during the fall. A prediction of heavy rainfall this autumn indicates an increase in desirable conditions for lake fishing. Rain aerates and cools bodies of water, which can increase marine life activity. When it comes to freshwater, many species of fish are more active under dark conditions than in bright sunlight, so autumn weather is preferable across the board for angling.

What to Look Out For:

As the weather cools, most anglers…

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1 Arbuckle Ranch - +/- 190 Acres - Elgin, Texas

Arbuckle Ranch - +/- 190 Acres - Elgin, Texas

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Price: $5,524,500


Located south of Elgin, Texas, within 30 minutes to downtown Austin, 1 Arbuckle Ranch is an ideal location for a weekend recreational ranch, commercial development or cattle rancher looking to escape the hustle of city life. Additionally, the famed "Giga Texas" Tesla manufacturing plant is very close to this ranch, providing a short commute for many different walks of life. Ranches this size and of this caliber are extremely hard to come by in this incredibly valuable part of the state.


1 Arbuckle Ranch is located in the Standifer Survey, where William Bailey Standifer fought at…

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rain gently falling into a rain barrel

Average Precipitation Has Been Increasing Across The State

Average annual precipitation has been steadily increasing across the state, from the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex to the Texas Hill Country. An increase in rainfall can be a temporary blessing for any rancher, but what if you could stretch the blessing to seasons of drought, too? Take advantage of rising precipitation levels by harvesting rainwater! 

Why Should I Collect Rainwater?

According to NOAA, most Texas regions have experienced a .50 - 1.0-inch increase in average annual rainfall. Victor Murphy, the climate service program manager for the National Weather Service’s southern regional headquarters in Fort Worth, explains that the “new normal” of Texas weather could create a…

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14 Apache - +/- 13 Acres - Boerne, Texas

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No Longer Available


14 Apache is located near the beautiful town of Boerne, Texas deep in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. Boerne, Texas is well known for having incredible access to a significant metropolitan area in San Antonio, yet still providing a small town feel with an incredible community of supporting groups. The schools in Boerne are top tier in the state, as Boerne ISD is the 27th best school in the state of Texas, out of 1,019 total independent school districts. Shopping is also very well known in this area, as large shopping centers such as…

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Beef and Cattle are Texas’s Largest Economic Exports

However, the last year of economic turmoil has shaken the industry in more ways than one. Fortunately, beef and cattle prices are experiencing an upward trend as the U.S. economy emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic. Traditionally, beef demand increases leading up to the summer season, but national interest is higher than ever as consumers move forward from a year of restrictions and lockdowns. In nearly every industry, the economy is recovering and growing as more businesses open their doors once again. Based on recent USDA reports, beef and cattle ranchers, producers, and distributors can expect an encouraging return to normalcy this summer.

Temporary Setbacks

On June 1, Brazil’s JBS…

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North Central Texas is one of the best places to live in Texas right now.

Why? Quality of life, affordability, the opportunity for growth, and the local economy have landed many cities in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex on Better Homes and Gardens list of the top 25 places to live in the Lonestar State.

Bright Lights, Big Cities

According to The Dallas Morning News, the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex gains over 250 residents per day, which makes it one of the fastest-growing U.S. metropolitan areas. Fort Worth and Plano earned the top-ranking spots on Better Homes and Gardens’ list, and the two cities have vastly different atmospheres, benefits, and environments. One thing both cities have in common is their immense diversity. Fort Worth has…

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High Plains Ranch

High Plains Ranch - +/- 320 Acres - Floydada, Texas

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Price: $280,000


High Plains Ranch is located outside of the quaint town of Floydada, Texas in Floyd County. The name Floydada has an interesting past. Originally the town was named "Floyd City" after the county name, but after a post office was developed, the name was changed. Some believe it was changed due to a simple mistake, but others believe it was intentionally altered to be named after the mother of the founder, "Ada", giving us "Floydada". No matter where the name…

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Why Are Off-Market Listings Surging Right Now?

The Real Estate Market is Booming 

The real estate market has been unusually hot this year, despite the COVID-19 related global crisis. Hyperactive buyers are increasing home prices, causing homes and ranches to sell faster than ever, and creating heavy competition in the housing market. Low supply and high demand have turned the real estate market upside down, and off-market properties have been surging like never before. An off-market property is a house that sells without being publicly advertised or listed. In this case, the seller either advertises the home privately to a select group of potential buyers or negotiates with the buyer directly. A plummet in supply, dozens of bids on a single home, people moving to Texas from out of state, and…

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Eubank Ranch - +/- 308 Acres - Gonzales, Texas

Eubank Ranch - +/- 308 Acres - Gonzales, Texas

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Price: $2,935,500


Located outside of Gonzales, Texas, the beautiful and impressive Eubank Ranch is convenient to the San Antonio, Houston, and Austin metroplexes. Whether you intend on Eubank Ranch being your permanent residence, weekend escape, or cattle ranch, this property is perfect for any family looking to start their own Texas land legacy. With a gorgeous home, incredible access, and luscious and productive land, Eubank Ranch checks off all of the boxes for any landowner.

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Why Texas Land and Ranch Sales Are Surging in the Pandemic

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Texas land and ranch sales have been skyrocketing since March of 2020

According to data from the Texas A&M University Real Estate Research Center, over half a million acres of rural Texas land traded hands last year, hitting a record $1.69 billion for the market. This growth is expected to continue for the year, as more landowners seek safe investments and country getaways.

Sick Of The City: A Move Towards Safety

City-dwellers have been hit the hardest by the pandemic. Congested regions have faced the strictest lockdowns, the highest caseloads, and the most anxiety over the unknowns of the pandemic. Living in highly populated areas has less and less appeal as the pandemic ebbs…

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