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Did you know sunshine fights disease and promotes spectacular health? It's time to embrace the light!

Some of the best perks of rural living are the endless opportunities to spend more time outdoors. Whether you enjoy mountain biking with the kids, taking long walks through the countryside, or gardening on your new plot, you can bet sooner or later you’ll be sporting an ultra-stylish farmer’s tan.

Let’s look at 7 ways sunshine fights disease and promotes spectacular health for the whole family:


Tough too much sun can cause skin cancer, too little creates vitamin D deficiency that leads to a slew of more virulent types of cancer.

New research, explains how vitamin D

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Despite the enticing conveniences, luxuries and technological advances of typical 21st century life, the trend toward homesteading, or hobby farming, for young families has exploded.

Just hop on or go to your local bookstore, and you’ll be greeted by a variety of magazines, books and how-to guides on the benefits of becoming self-reliant by building your own family homestead.

We’ve discussed the numerous scientific studies on the health and lifestyle benefits of farming, the outdoors and nature-based living in previous posts.

small hobby farm

Children thrive and get sick less on farms, adults stress less when they’re close to nature, and families, in general, are happier when their lives are busy, peaceful and purposeful—and a homestead or

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Security Camera

Statistics are useful for making decisions, but when it comes to crime on a personal basis, averages don't cut it. When we are the victim, that is all that matters. A major review of FBI crime data shows a distinct difference in crime from urban to rural areas. That is a comforting fact for those of us who live in rural areas.

Crimes reported to the FBI in 2012, the most recent date available at the time of this writing, were segregated as follows:

In spite of these trends, it is noteworthy that even though crime happens less in rural areas, it is still significant to those affected. There are steps we can take as homeowners in rural areas to reduce our chances of being victims of criminal violence or robbery.

Priority One security sign in ground

Select a Good Security

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Tips for Buying Rural Land

Purchasing property should be an enjoyable process, but it’s also one that requires the land buyer to fully evaluate the property to assure that it meets all of his or her requirements.

Read these tips on ensuring you’ve done your due diligence before you buy land.

Evaluating Rural Land


Don’t simply enter the area from the same direction every time, but familiarize yourself with the entire area.


Take a look at the property during different times of day and different days of the week to avoid any negative surprises that occur at particular times of the day or week.


Using Google Earth, you can view property from above and scroll around

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Many aspiring landowners dream of keeping horses, either for pleasure or profit.

According to a 2006 report from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the United States has approximately 9.5 million horses, 2 million horse owners and Texas leads the nation in overall horse population.

Raising horses on your land or hobby farm can be fun, rewarding and offer some lucrative business opportunities; but it takes careful planning, experience, skill and a whole lot of research.

For answers on what type of land it takes to raise horses, we turned to horse farming management expert, consultant and President of Equine Farm Management in Kentucky, Ron Wallace.

Wallace holds a master’s degree in reproductive physiology and has

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Good hunting land in the South is always a hot commodity.

Though leasing can be a good option for some (especially if you have a tight budget and need land close to town), there are lots of benefits to owning your own hunting land.

In today’s post, hunting enthusiast Brent Messerschmidt offers his advice on choosing the right amount of acreage for specific wildlife and land features, and what to look for (and look out for) in your perfect hunting property.

How many acres do you need for hunting land?

The amount of acreage needed depends upon 3 things:

  1. The type of wildlife you plan on hunting
  2. Your style of hunting (bowhunting, rifle hunting, etc.).
  3. How many people will be hunting with you.

How many acres do you need for

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If you're moving to the country from the city or the 'burbs, odds are you're used to getting your water from a municipal source. Most rural landowners, though, need to install wells to access groundwater for household use.

Whether your contractor is handling the details of well installation or you're serving as your own contractor, it's smart to educate yourself on a system that's such a crucial component of your new home. 

Wells 101

At its most basic, a well is a system that accesses groundwater near your home and pumps it into the house for washing dishes, showering, and drinking, among other uses.

In order to have a sufficient supply of water for your household, and to make sure the water is free of harmful contaminants, you'll want

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Are you debating whether to own or lease property?

With few exceptions, owning makes the most sense, says Jim Walley of Ellisville, Mississippi. 

Walley is a real estate appraiser and certified forester.

1. Pride of Ownership

“The first advantage is what I call pride of ownership,” says Walley. “When someone puts their name on the mailbox, it gives them that sense of ownership.”

However, there are circumstances that can make leasing appealing. “Perhaps you don’t want to commit to owning property for a long period of time,” says Walley. “With a lease, you have a start date and an end date.” He notes that hunters or others who plan to spend limited time at a property might consider leasing. Also, he says, “A lease would possibly be

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Before Investing in a Ranch Know What to Expect

Ranching requires lots of hard work, and is not for the faint of heart. You’ll work closely with horses, livestock, hogs, sheep and other farm animals. You will likely need to build and repair fences too. Driving your tractor during long, hot days and performing many other challenging tasks can give you the sense of adventure and accomplishment you’ve always wanted.

As you’re probably well aware, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Experienced ranchers advise that well-run ranches generate between one to three percent in profits annually. However, there are times ranch owners may break even or lose money. As long as you prepare yourself, you should be ready to take on the ranch life.

Figure Out

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Sorting Out Mineral Rights

Do you own the mineral rights to your land? Many landowners have no idea. Usually, you assume you do, unless mineral rights have specifically been excluded from the sale.

However, this can become tricky. Many deeds fail to include this information. Still others may convey mineral rights, but may be incorrect.

Any previous land owners, dating back to the original land grant, may have withheld the transfer of a property’s mineral rights.

The only way you can be absolutely positive is to research historical deeds and property records carefully and thoroughly. Mineral-rich states where land owners need to be particularly alert because of the abundance of oil, gas, coal, gold, silver and other precious minerals

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