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The diverse geography and topography of Texas means that there is no single best solution to managing your cattle herd. Best practices depend soil types, average rainfall, grazing management, and herd size to name a few. Follow our blog to access upcoming and archival articles about best practices for cattle management for your particular region of the state.

Cattle Management Best Practices | Texas Land and Ranch Ownership Resources | Legacy Broker Group

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Often you will hear people argue against eating meat based on the treatment of animals and the negative environmental impacts that some companies make while producing their livestock. There has recently been a greater push for purchasing sustainably-sourced products, including beef and other meats, as opposed to vetoing meat entirely.

Here are some reasons as to why you should sustainably raise cattle as well as ways that you can do so within Texas.

What Does it Mean to be Sustainable?

From the definition as determined by natural scientists, to be sustainable means that you are living, or in this case producing, without draining the environment of its natural resources. This means taking steps to reduce waste and keep the ecological damage to

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Cattle behind a fence on Texas ranch

Every landowner uses their property in a unique way. But one thing is the same across the board: proper fencing around your property is paramount.

Whether you raise livestock, tend crops, host game, or simply live on the land, you need to have proper fencing to enclose the property so everyone and every animal stays safe.

This is a short guide that will help you get started on fencing your Texas property:

Selecting the Right Fence

With so many options, it’s hard to know which type of fencing is the best for you. When selecting the right fence, you need to consider several different factors, including its purpose, cost, and upkeep, just to name a few.

Wood Fencing

wooden fence on texas ranchWooden fencing is a traditional choice that is extremely attractive and

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'Beef' magazine has an article with sound advice that we wanted to share with you. If you are thinking of owning cattle these are three ratios that you should think about when considering everything that owning cattle entails. Though this article will have an overview of these ratios and a few things to consider, be sure to check out the full article here.

Also be sure to check out the 'Related Links' at the bottom of this page for more information about improving grazing practices.

Acres per Cow

Firstly, they suggest two ways to reduce your acre to cow ratio and to economically improve your production. The first is to reduce the size and milking ability of cows, therefore decreasing the nutrition need that they require. One more economically

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