Grazing Management Best Practices

Grazing management involves a number of decisions, including the kinds and numbers of animals to be stocked, and the distribution and timing of grazing. These decisions affect the quality and quantity of the forage that is produced and the performance of the livestock. Follow our blog to access upcoming and archival articles about best practices for cattle management for your particular region of the state. 

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Many aspiring landowners dream of keeping horses, either for pleasure or profit.

According to a 2006 report from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the United States has approximately 9.5 million horses, 2 million horse owners and Texas leads the nation in overall horse population.

Raising horses on your land or hobby farm can be fun, rewarding and offer some lucrative business opportunities; but it takes careful planning, experience, skill and a whole lot of research.

For answers on what type of land it takes to raise horses, we turned to horse farming management expert, consultant and President of Equine Farm Management in Kentucky, Ron Wallace.

Wallace holds a master’s degree in reproductive physiology and has

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Factors an appraiser uses to determine land value

Below are some of the most important factors a property appraiser considers when determining the value of a property. They can be applied to any land, whether a sprawling private island or a humble 1-acre lot. For land buyers, these factors can help you know whether a property is fairly priced, and to recognize the pros and cons of the land you are considering.


Land real estate experts will tell you access is a key factor in evaluating the marketability of a property, because - no matter how great the property is - its use is limited when it’s difficult to reach. When Ryan appraises a property, he asks a series of questions about access:

  • Can the property be accessed by a nearby
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Landowner liability is a real, but manageable threat for Texas landowners.

The Threat

The threat of liability exists anytime landowners open their property to anyone, including family and friends. 

Even though no one thinks it will happen to them, family members sue other family members and friends sue friends. The best strategy is to assume that everyone is a potential plaintiff and prepare accordingly.

Because land is a valuable asset generally protected by insurance, landowners can be a tempting target for plaintiffs’ attorneys.

There’s no way to predict what might happen if someone, regardless of relationship, is seriously injured or killed on landowners’ property. Landowners can find themselves facing huge potential damages if

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Small acreage landowners can still have a big impact for Texas wildlife. “As large ranches get smaller throughout Texas, the only way we can get anything done for wildlife on a landscape scale is to engage small acreage landowners alongside those with larger holdings,” said Tim Siegmund, Texas Parks and Wildlife Private Lands Program Leader who is based in College Station.

According to the American Farmland Trust, Texas is losing productive, open space land faster than any other state in the nation. Fragmentation, the breaking up of larger parcels into smaller ones, is occurring across the state, but is most evident along the I-35, I-45 and I-10 corridors.

“Based on our own surveys and work done by the TAMU Natural Resources Institute, the driving

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Nothing is more peaceful than sleeping in the country. The day normally ends with a vivid sunset displaying a fusion of bright colors. Color combinations vary depending upon the geographical area and solid particle concentration in the air. Observed sunsets in East Texas have had alternating bands of grey and gold ending with a final strip of pink as darkness settles over the landscape. In West Texas, red sunsets commonly occur with an occasional yellow band, collectively resembling fire, followed by alternating strips of blues and greys and then darkness.

When darkness engulfs the countryside, an auditory gift arrives. Nocturnal insects, birds, amphibians and mammals come to life and unite in a chorus of individual notes while they forage for their

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Do you dream of starting your own hobby farm or homestead?

Perhaps you’d like to try your hand at farming as your sole business or side business to help support your family.

If this sounds like you, then you’ll want to familiarize yourself with one of the hottest, fastest-growing trends in farming: the multi-billion dollar business of sustainable agriculture.

With genetically modified crops banned in upwards of 26 countries, and the health and environmental consequences of pesticide-based farming becoming impossible to deny, more and more farmers are turning to progressive, holistic, and common-sense methods of sustainable farming.

But what makes a farm sustainable? And how does a person begin to learn the ins and outs and dos and don’ts

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How many acres do you need to raise cattle?

This question conjures up images of thousand-acre ranches with hundreds of cows (and several good-looking cowboys) roaming through acres and acres of splotchy pastures.

But to the modern aspiring hobby farmer, it also brings forth images of raising one or two cows on a family homestead for their meat or milk.

Regardless of how you envision it, this is a BIG question with a lot of factors to consider such as…

  • “How many cows do you want to raise?”
  • “Will they be fed on 100% grass, grain, or a combination?”
  • “Will the cows be raised for milk or meat?”
  • “Will there be any other animals grazing on the property?”
  • “What is the quality of the pasture on the land?”
  • “Will the cows be
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Cattle behind a fence on Texas ranch

Every landowner uses their property in a unique way. But one thing is the same across the board: proper fencing around your property is paramount.

Whether you raise livestock, tend crops, host game, or simply live on the land, you need to have proper fencing to enclose the property so everyone and every animal stays safe.

This is a short guide that will help you get started on fencing your Texas property:

Selecting the Right Fence

With so many options, it’s hard to know which type of fencing is the best for you. When selecting the right fence, you need to consider several different factors, including its purpose, cost, and upkeep, just to name a few.

Wood Fencing

wooden fence on texas ranchWooden fencing is a traditional choice that is extremely attractive and

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Cattle, sheep or goats don’t cause overgrazing; people cause overgrazing. Grazing done the right way – incorporating rotations and seasonal rest – can be very compatible with good stewardship of the land. Grazing can also be done in a manner to maintain or improve wildlife habitat. Grazing is inherently neither good nor bad. It is a land management tool that can be used positively or negatively to alter the habitat. How it is used is entirely the decision of the landowner.

grazing myth

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Grazing leases are a great way for absentee landowners to generate income from the ranch or farm while not having to worry about running livestock themselves. There are many considerations to factor into a grazing lease and Cari Rincker on Ag Law Today covers a lot of these important factors. View the article and link to the episode here. 

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