Groundwater Policy, Politics, and Issues in Texas

Texas water usage and policies are vitally important to the wellbeing of our great state, and there are many different aspects to this concern. Everything from aquifers to water refinement fit into this topic, and the issues of water usage by landowners is always an important topic.


Texas Groundwater

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If you're moving to the country from the city or the 'burbs, odds are you're used to getting your water from a municipal source. Most rural landowners, though, need to install wells to access groundwater for household use.

Whether your contractor is handling the details of well installation or you're serving as your own contractor, it's smart to educate yourself on a system that's such a crucial component of your new home. 

Wells 101

At its most basic, a well is a system that accesses groundwater near your home and pumps it into the house for washing dishes, showering, and drinking, among other uses.

In order to have a sufficient supply of water for your household, and to make sure the water is free of harmful contaminants, you'll want

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Before Investing in a Ranch Know What to Expect

Ranching requires lots of hard work, and is not for the faint of heart. You’ll work closely with horses, livestock, hogs, sheep and other farm animals. You will likely need to build and repair fences too. Driving your tractor during long, hot days and performing many other challenging tasks can give you the sense of adventure and accomplishment you’ve always wanted.

As you’re probably well aware, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Experienced ranchers advise that well-run ranches generate between one to three percent in profits annually. However, there are times ranch owners may break even or lose money. As long as you prepare yourself, you should be ready to take on the ranch life.

Figure Out

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Sorting Out Mineral Rights

Do you own the mineral rights to your land? Many landowners have no idea. Usually, you assume you do, unless mineral rights have specifically been excluded from the sale.

However, this can become tricky. Many deeds fail to include this information. Still others may convey mineral rights, but may be incorrect.

Any previous land owners, dating back to the original land grant, may have withheld the transfer of a property’s mineral rights.

The only way you can be absolutely positive is to research historical deeds and property records carefully and thoroughly. Mineral-rich states where land owners need to be particularly alert because of the abundance of oil, gas, coal, gold, silver and other precious minerals

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In Texas, nothing attracts wildlife and birds to your property—and keeps them coming back—like water. And few property improvements are as likely to increase your land value as a pond, lake or stock tank. 

But before you get started building your pond, there are several things you need to know.

Raising Property Value

“Water structures like ponds and tanks are hot selling features,” says Mickey Nixon, Capital Farm Credit regional chief appraiser based in Lubbock. “Adding a water structure is a good way to enhance marketability and increase the value of livestock and recreational properties. That’s especially true in the Texas Hill Country and Central Texas.”

Barbara Golden, credit office president with Lone Star Ag Credit in Paris, sees

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Small acreage landowners can still have a big impact for Texas wildlife. “As large ranches get smaller throughout Texas, the only way we can get anything done for wildlife on a landscape scale is to engage small acreage landowners alongside those with larger holdings,” said Tim Siegmund, Texas Parks and Wildlife Private Lands Program Leader who is based in College Station.

According to the American Farmland Trust, Texas is losing productive, open space land faster than any other state in the nation. Fragmentation, the breaking up of larger parcels into smaller ones, is occurring across the state, but is most evident along the I-35, I-45 and I-10 corridors.

“Based on our own surveys and work done by the TAMU Natural Resources Institute, the driving

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When you visit a fancy aquarium and see loads of exotic orange fish, eerie eel and strange puffer fish, it’s a fun sight to see. But the cool aquatic species living at these big attractions aren’t anything like what lives in your own backyard. Visit the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center in Athens, Texas, and you can learn all about what nature offers nearby.

The way we see it, it’s good to know your neighbors.

Sitting on a little over 100 acres an hour southeast of Dallas, the center is a facility of the Texas Parks and Texas Parks & Wildlife Inland Fisheries Division. The goal?

“To provide an educational, entertaining visitor experience that promotes freshwater sport fishing and the enhancement, conservation and stewardship of aquatic

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After years of dreaming, saving and endless searching you’ve found your near-perfect rural property.

It has just the right amount of acreage, a gorgeous home site, unbeatable views and is the ideal distance to and from civilization.

Yes, your dream property is perfect…except for one small thing.

It’s missing a water feature.

Specifically, it’s missing a pond.

A pond offers numerous benefits for landowners, from providing water for livestock, to entertainment for the kids and promoting eco-diversity within the landscape.

But, despite its aesthetic and functional joys there are a lot of factors to consider before installing any size pond.

  • Is your land and soil actually suited for a pond?

  • How much will it cost to

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The depletion of groundwater sources in parts of the United States High Plains is so severe that peak grain production in some states has already passed, according to new research.

An international team of scientists, including experts from the University of Delaware, has extended and improved methods used to calculate peak oil production to assess grain production in three U.S. states: Nebraska, Texas and Kansas.

They related the levels of water extraction from the Ogallala aquifer, one of the largest underwater reservoirs in the world, over the past five decades, to the amounts of grain harvested in each state and used this model to predict future trends. Their results were published in Proceedings of the National Academy of

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Summer in the south comes with plenty of heavy afternoon thundershowers...accompanied by the looming threat of hurricane season. Which is why NOW is the time to address drainage problems before they turn into costly foundation, landscape, septic, barn, garden, etc. repairs.

Procrastination will not Eliminate Your Drainage Issues

No matter how hard we wish, procrastination will not eliminate problems with drainage.

The rains will come and the water will flow downhill, regardless of how much we wish otherwise. The wise choice is to take action to solve the problem now. 

Not next month, not next season, not next year, right now.

Catch Basin and Four Inch Pipe Installation

A four inch pipe was connected to the catch basin and

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If your clients own riverside properties, they may be able to earn money and increase public access to fishing and paddling.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is asking riverside and streamside landowners to lease part of their properties to the state. Participants may earn $500 to $1,250 per month from the leases, which can last two to three years or more based on use and funding. Landowners should apply by September 30 to receive preference in the 2021 funding cycle.

Since 2012, TPWD has established 24 public river access leases on more than 211 miles of 10 Texas rivers.

“Texas has over 40,000 miles of free-flowing rivers and creeks, and with 95% of the land held in private ownership, it can be a real challenge finding safe, legal

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