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Texas is full of gorgeous land and ranch properties, but they must be kept updated and restored to allow their full beauty to show through. In this category, you will find different resources to enhance and show off your gorgeous piece of rural Texas real estate.

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Despite the enticing conveniences, luxuries and technological advances of typical 21st century life, the trend toward homesteading, or hobby farming, for young families has exploded.

Just hop on Amazon.com or go to your local bookstore, and you’ll be greeted by a variety of magazines, books and how-to guides on the benefits of becoming self-reliant by building your own family homestead.

We’ve discussed the numerous scientific studies on the health and lifestyle benefits of farming, the outdoors and nature-based living in previous posts.

small hobby farm

Children thrive and get sick less on farms, adults stress less when they’re close to nature, and families, in general, are happier when their lives are busy, peaceful and purposeful—and a homestead or

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If you're moving to the country from the city or the 'burbs, odds are you're used to getting your water from a municipal source. Most rural landowners, though, need to install wells to access groundwater for household use.

Whether your contractor is handling the details of well installation or you're serving as your own contractor, it's smart to educate yourself on a system that's such a crucial component of your new home. 

Wells 101

At its most basic, a well is a system that accesses groundwater near your home and pumps it into the house for washing dishes, showering, and drinking, among other uses.

In order to have a sufficient supply of water for your household, and to make sure the water is free of harmful contaminants, you'll want

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In a world of cell phones and tablets, getting kids in the woods is harder than ever. Most folks assume kids would rather zone out in front of a LED screen for hours rather than sit silently in a deer stand.

That may be true for some children. I would argue that by setting realistic expectations, kids can become integral members of your hunting crew. Here are 8 tips to introduce kids to hunting.

1. Before the season starts, take the child with you to prepare for hunting season

This can mean walks in the woods looking for deer sign, preparing food plots or checking trail cameras. I laugh when I look back at old trail cam pictures and see how much my kids have grown.

We would always tell them to keep their hands out of the feeders, but the

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Although some farmers take a much-needed vacation during the winter season, others are busy preparing for the busiest time of the year. Between winter-proofing equipment, harvesting cool-weather crops, transferring crops to cold storage, and checking irrigation systems, there is a never-ending list of things to do on the farm during the colder months.

When Old Man Winter hits, farmers must take certain precautions during the cold season. From sporting the right cold weather gear in subzero temperatures to ensuring that crops and livestock are able to withstand the brutal cold, a little preparation can make all the difference to your safety, productivity, and crop yield.

Know When the First Frost Arrives

To keep plants thriving in the

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Barn Pros will ship barns across the country and their unique system allows you to have more control over your barn without the usual price tag for a custom design-build. Assisting and advising where they can, they are committed to delivering a smooth and successful construction process.

Beyond aesthetic inspiration, Barn Pros also recommend considering the following tips when planning a new barn, garage or storage structure on your property. Keep in mind that this information applies irrespective of who you eventually partner with to bring your new barn to life.

Understanding your land

Understanding your land is one of the first steps in your process of creating a beautiful structure. If you don’t own land just yet, this information is still

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In Texas, nothing attracts wildlife and birds to your property—and keeps them coming back—like water. And few property improvements are as likely to increase your land value as a pond, lake or stock tank. 

But before you get started building your pond, there are several things you need to know.

Raising Property Value

“Water structures like ponds and tanks are hot selling features,” says Mickey Nixon, Capital Farm Credit regional chief appraiser based in Lubbock. “Adding a water structure is a good way to enhance marketability and increase the value of livestock and recreational properties. That’s especially true in the Texas Hill Country and Central Texas.”

Barbara Golden, credit office president with Lone Star Ag Credit in Paris, sees

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Small acreage landowners can still have a big impact for Texas wildlife. “As large ranches get smaller throughout Texas, the only way we can get anything done for wildlife on a landscape scale is to engage small acreage landowners alongside those with larger holdings,” said Tim Siegmund, Texas Parks and Wildlife Private Lands Program Leader who is based in College Station.

According to the American Farmland Trust, Texas is losing productive, open space land faster than any other state in the nation. Fragmentation, the breaking up of larger parcels into smaller ones, is occurring across the state, but is most evident along the I-35, I-45 and I-10 corridors.

“Based on our own surveys and work done by the TAMU Natural Resources Institute, the driving

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Nothing is more peaceful than sleeping in the country. The day normally ends with a vivid sunset displaying a fusion of bright colors. Color combinations vary depending upon the geographical area and solid particle concentration in the air. Observed sunsets in East Texas have had alternating bands of grey and gold ending with a final strip of pink as darkness settles over the landscape. In West Texas, red sunsets commonly occur with an occasional yellow band, collectively resembling fire, followed by alternating strips of blues and greys and then darkness.

When darkness engulfs the countryside, an auditory gift arrives. Nocturnal insects, birds, amphibians and mammals come to life and unite in a chorus of individual notes while they forage for their

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Windbreaks are common across rural Texas, where the dense foliage surrounding homes and fields is the first line of defense against punishing winds and blowing dirt.

But there are practical applications in suburban and urban settings, too, according to John Begnaud, a retired Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service horticulturist from San Angelo.

“Back during the Dust Bowl days in rural areas, windbreaks became a real big item because of the blowing dust and the wind, and we saw a lot of them. Then, they fell out of favor and weren’t really planted by the next generation of farmers and ranchers and homeowners, but now they’re becoming more popular again,” Begnaud said in an interview with the Texas Farm Bureau Radio Network. “Now, since it’s

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After years of dreaming, saving and endless searching you’ve found your near-perfect rural property.

It has just the right amount of acreage, a gorgeous home site, unbeatable views and is the ideal distance to and from civilization.

Yes, your dream property is perfect…except for one small thing.

It’s missing a water feature.

Specifically, it’s missing a pond.

A pond offers numerous benefits for landowners, from providing water for livestock, to entertainment for the kids and promoting eco-diversity within the landscape.

But, despite its aesthetic and functional joys there are a lot of factors to consider before installing any size pond.

  • Is your land and soil actually suited for a pond?

  • How much will it cost to

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