Spring Cleaning Around the Ranch

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Spring is in full swing in Texas!

Now's the time to give your ranch a fresh start with some spring cleaning. A little shredding, replanting, and organizing can make a huge difference for the rest of the year. Every season, you likely deep clean the house, donate unwanted belongings and tidy up your exterior. The same concept can easily be applied to your farm and ranch, albeit on a much larger scale.

Tend to Livestock Enclosures

Whether you raise horses, cattle, sheep, or chickens, it’s time to give their homes a little extra attention. Drain and clean out any built-up gunk in your troughs, and restock any food supplies in bulk, if you can. It’s easy to let storage areas get cluttered, so dedicate extra time to create an organization system that’s realistic for you and your crew. Your spring-cleaning motto should be “a place for everything, and everything in its place.” Take inventory, toss any unnecessary items, and tidy up shelves and cupboards. Horse owners, it’s time to update the highline, give the stables extra attention, and reorganize the tack. Cattle ranchers, check for any calf buckets with scratches and cracks, worn calf nipples and bottles, or manure buildup in the bunk space. If you keep sheep, make sure you have everything you need for shearing season. Raising chickens is much easier when the weather warms up, but look out for any red mite infestations - these pests can stick out any winter and start breeding in the spring.

Keep Up With Your Boundaries

Fences benefit everyone on a farm or ranch, and routine maintenance is a weekly task for most landowners. That being said, look for the details of your gates and pens that you may typically take for granted by checking for loose knobs, squeaky hinges, or off-kilter latches. When it comes to boundary lines, ensure that every inch of the property fence is sturdy, whole, and secure. Make sure to check any water gaps to be prepared for spring rains. Good fences make for good neighbors!

If you don’t already have one, it may be worthwhile to get a portable stick welder for quick fencing and pen repairs.

Give Your Property a Facelift

April showers bring May flowers, but seasonal storms can also cause broken tree limbs, clogged drainage systems, and messy paths. Take an afternoon to check for any dead or overgrown branches before the next bout of bad weather blows through. Tidy up along your paths and roads for an instant improvement. It’s easy to forget how much difference an hour with a leaf blower can make! Make room for new growth and shred, mow, or weed eat any dead brush. Once you’ve cleaned up the major natural elements, move to your gardens and flower beds. Pull out and replace any plants that have seen better days and rid your gardens of winter muck. If you can get your hands on a power washer, use it to rinse off any parking areas, building exteriors, and big equipment. 

Give Your Machinery Some TLC

Clearing the land and making repairs are regular aspects of ranch life, so make sure all of your equipment is ready to go for the next round of cleanups. Check that your tractors, UTV’s, mules, etc. are up to date on oil changes; and give them a good cleaning inside and out. Examine the condition of equipment brakes, clutches, and steering. Don’t forget to check that the ignition, fluids, cooling, and exhaust systems are in top condition. Your farm machinery should be tuned up just as often as your car - the repairs can be just as costly if left unchecked. 

Texas is never short on beauty come springtime. Tidying up and checking for repairs before a crisis happens can eliminate a bevy of potential risks, so you can enjoy weaning livestock and tending to your land without interruption. We hope this checklist helps your farm and ranch operation stay in shape through every season.

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Learn the value of your ranch at our Ranch Valuation Tool. 

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