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Winter in Texas

As December fast approaches, winter weather will follow soon. The fall season is the perfect time to winterize your ranch and stock up on essentials before the cooler temps hit. There are a few key ways you can ensure your livestock operation is prepared to weather the cold. Keep reading for your Ranch Winterization Checklist:

1. Protect Your Barns, Stables, and Outbuildings

Barns, stables, coops, and other ranch buildings shelter your ranch’s most valuable assets, so make sure they’re in optimal condition before temperatures drop. These structures protect your livestock, feed, and equipment; so if they’re not properly protected from the elements, they won’t be able to shield your assets well.

Check on your buildings’ roofs, insulation, and…

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Grande Canyon Ranch - +/- 7800 Acres - Terrell County, Texas

Grande Canyon Ranch - +/- 7800 Acres - Terrell County, Texas

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Located 25 miles from Pumpville, Texas, Grande Canyon Ranch is a one of a kind ranch in a one of a kind place. Pumpville, a modern ghost town, is an incredibly interesting place, that has been relatively protected for years. In the late 1800s when the San Antonio Railroad came through, a train station was built, and a town built with it. Today, those buildings, and those stories, are still here, without the…

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Grapeland Ranch - +/- 92 Acres - Grapeland, Texas

Grapeland Ranch - +/- 92 Acres - Grapeland, Texas

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Price: $510,000

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Grapeland Ranch is located right outside of the small town of Grapeland, Texas, a quaint East Texas town with a tight knit community. This area is well known around Texas as a secluded, wildlife heavy, haven for families and retirees alike. Located 2 hours from Houston to the south, and the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex to the northwest, this ranch would be perfect for the inner-city family looking for a country getaway, hidden among the beautiful hardwoods of…

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5 Ways to Save Ranch Money Blog Pic

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Owning a ranch is hard, but not impossible.

Time, money, and energy are a rancher’s most precious resources; and how you spend them will make all the difference. Successful ranchers are more than willing to go against the grain (literally and figuratively) in order to run a healthy, thriving operation. If you want to learn how to increase your ranch’s profitability and longevity, there’s one truth you have to build your foundation on - Practicality always trumps luxury.

Build Your Ranch From the Ground Up

The richer your soil, the more you can produce and graze on your land. Rotational grazing is a simple way to improve soil health and increase plant diversity. Planting cover…

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White Rock Ranch

White Rock Ranch - +/- 713 Acres - Clarksville, Texas

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One of six ranch tracts offered by Legacy Broker Group in Red River County, Texas, White Rock Ranch is a beautiful and fertile Northeast Texas ranch property available near Clarksville, Texas, within easy access of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, as well as Louisana, Oklahoma and Arkansas. Named for the nearby township and the striking limestone rock formations in the north of the property, White Rock Ranch holds 713 deeded acres of prime hunting grounds and picturesque pastures for cattle ranching.


The sandy loams…

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Cattle behind a fence on Texas ranch

Every landowner uses their property in a unique way. But one thing is the same across the board: proper fencing around your property is paramount.

Whether you raise livestock, tend crops, host game, or simply live on the land, you need to have proper fencing to enclose the property so everyone and every animal stays safe.

This is a short guide that will help you get started on fencing your Texas property:

Selecting the Right Fence

With so many options, it’s hard to know which type of fencing is the best for you. When selecting the right fence, you need to consider several different factors, including its purpose, cost, and upkeep, just to name a few.

Wood Fencing

Wooden fencing is a traditional choice that is extremely attractive and…

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112 Mountain Views, Boerne, TX 78006 (Legacy Broker Group)

Featuring one of the highest buildable elevations in Kendall County Texas, the 70 acre Summit View Ranch is now available for sale. With quick and easy access to the San Antonio, Boerne, Fredericksburg, and Austin areas; Summit View ranch is an ideal dark-sky getaway location or full time home high in the Texas sky. End-of-the-road access accentuates Summit View Ranch’s isolation and solitude. Views across the Guadalupe River Valley to the south and the undeveloped hills to the north and west abound from the park-like summit of the…

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