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The Texas Land and Ranch Market is always changing, making it difficult for the average land and ranch owner to establish when the best time to act is. Use our blog as a resource to help you know exactly when the ideal time to buy and sell is. 

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Tips for Buying Rural Land

Purchasing property should be an enjoyable process, but it’s also one that requires the land buyer to fully evaluate the property to assure that it meets all of his or her requirements.

Read these tips on ensuring you’ve done your due diligence before you buy land.

Evaluating Rural Land


Don’t simply enter the area from the same direction every time, but familiarize yourself with the entire area.


Take a look at the property during different times of day and different days of the week to avoid any negative surprises that occur at particular times of the day or week.


Using Google Earth, you can view property from above and scroll around

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With a growing population, no income tax and a low cost of living, there is an increasing interest in buying rural property in Texas. As the population increases, the state’s cities and urban areas continue to expand. This has led to more people looking for property in outlying locations.

There are several commercial opportunities for rural property in Texas, including investment properties such as ranches, farmland, and second homes away from heavily populated city areas. As the demand for rural property grows, rural land purchasers are likely to see an increase in the value of their investments.

How Do I Buy Rural Property in Texas?

Once you’ve found a piece of rural property in Texas that suits your needs, the first step is to make an

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Are you debating whether to own or lease property?

With few exceptions, owning makes the most sense, says Jim Walley of Ellisville, Mississippi. 

Walley is a real estate appraiser and certified forester.

1. Pride of Ownership

“The first advantage is what I call pride of ownership,” says Walley. “When someone puts their name on the mailbox, it gives them that sense of ownership.”

However, there are circumstances that can make leasing appealing. “Perhaps you don’t want to commit to owning property for a long period of time,” says Walley. “With a lease, you have a start date and an end date.” He notes that hunters or others who plan to spend limited time at a property might consider leasing. Also, he says, “A lease would possibly be

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Wait! Before you buy that land, make sure you’ve done your homework. Here are five key questions to ask, and how to find the answers.


Determine legal uses on the parcel you’re considering: Is it zoned agricultural, residential, commercial? Each of those classifications will determine what you can and can't do on the property. Municipalities occasionally change their communities' zoning to reflect what they want to direct the land to become in future years. Even if the seller provides you with zoning information, verify it yourself with the local governing agency (in the town or county where it’s located) to ensure you have the most up to date information. You’ll also want

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Before Investing in a Ranch Know What to Expect

Ranching requires lots of hard work, and is not for the faint of heart. You’ll work closely with horses, livestock, hogs, sheep and other farm animals. You will likely need to build and repair fences too. Driving your tractor during long, hot days and performing many other challenging tasks can give you the sense of adventure and accomplishment you’ve always wanted.

As you’re probably well aware, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Experienced ranchers advise that well-run ranches generate between one to three percent in profits annually. However, there are times ranch owners may break even or lose money. As long as you prepare yourself, you should be ready to take on the ranch life.

Figure Out

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With its beautiful ranch properties, rolling hills and hardy pine forests, Texas is an ideal place to buy land.

But finding the perfect property is just the beginning of the land buying process. In order to know how to buy land in Texas, there are a number of state-specific trends and regulations to understand.

Here are the answers to some common questions Texas land buyers ask:

What does rural land in Texas typically cost?

It's wise to keep in mind that land values can vary vastly depending on features of the specific property you're considering, such as location, access, special amenities and natural features. However, the Real Estate Center of Texas A&M University has a website dedicated to data on purchasing rural land in Texas,

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture has released its 2020 Land Values report.

The average value of Texas agricultural land, including buildings, is up 2.4 percent this year at $2,170 per acre.

The average cash rent for Texas cropland is $43, an increase of one percent from a year ago.

The increased values in Texas are in contrast to the same figures for the entire U.S. Those average values from across the country are either unchanged or are lower from 2019’s record highs.

The average value of U.S. cropland, including all land and buildings on farms, was $3,160 per acre for 2020. Cash rental rates for U.S. cropland averaged $139 per acre in 2020.

Economists with the American Farm Bureau Federation say the stability in agricultural

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If you are considering selling, know this: land and ranch properties are moving quickly in Texas. We have had multiple off market and short list-to-close transactions for land and ranch properties so far in 2020. 


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90 Brooks Crossing, Boerne, TX 78006


7998 Highway 16, Bandera, TX 78003

7998 Highway 16, Bandera, TX 78003


12610 Lower Seguin Rd., Schertz, TX 78154 (Development potential)



1.55 to 40 Acres +/- Interstate 10, Boerne, TX 78006 (High visibility highway frontage,

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The Numbers 

2020 is set to have the highest annual income for farms since 2013 when the market peaked at $139.1 billion. Following that year, the market crashed and this upcoming year is expected to have the first upturn in profit since. This year, it is projected that US farms will bring in a total of $96.7 billion, a 3.3% rise from last year. 

Though this gap between 2013 and now seems large, if this prediction is correct the net income would be $5.1 billion more than the average from 2000 to 2018. Steady growth in the farm industry is a very good thing at this point following 2014’s market decline.

Since Texas provides a massive proportion of United States agriculture, this is great news for Texas landowners who farm or for those who

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In the past century, cotton acreage in the United States has fluctuated immensely. From 46 million acres set aside for cotton in 1925, to only 10.8 million acres in the mid-eighties, the amount of cotton within the United States has definitely seen its ups and downs. 

As of 2019, there were approximately 14 million acres across the country dedicated to cotton, about 6 million of these acres within Texas alone. Now though, there is a fear that in the upcoming years cotton acres will begin to plummet.



How big of a decline will that be?

Professor John Robinson, who teaches at Texas A&M University and specializes in cotton marketing, has predicted a decline of 2 or even 3 million acres within the next year. This would bring the size of the

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