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how usda nrcs can aid your land management


Did you know that through the National Resource Conservation Service in Texas, eligible landowners can receive financial and technical assistance in natural resource management?  Through grants, incentive programs, and stewardship programs, Texas landowners can find ways to sustainably manage their land and production. The goal of the program is to help implement conservative practices into your land, so not only will you be able to have immediate help with your land, but you will have secured the future for your land.


Not only does the United States Department of Agriculture offer financial aid, but they also have programs that help in landscape planning, which includes ways to avoid watershed damage from the flash floods that

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Each property is different and has different needs from its owners. Whether you have livestock, crops, game, or are simply living on the land you have purchased, the fencing around your property is paramount.

This guide is a short summary of some different fencing options that you have when looking to enclose your land. With some insight into several options as well as some resources, this will set you on the right track when it comes to fencing in your property.






This traditional choice is attractive and easily customizable to fit your needs. Since you can paint wooden fencing any color that you want, it is arguably the most sightly fencing option. The thick wood is visible to livestock and is able to withstand severe

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A blight on the land of most ranch-owners in Texas is feral hog overpopulation. This post is an overview of wild pigs and their effects on the land you own or are looking to own.


Not only do they tear up the land, but feral hogs can spread E Coli and other diseases to humans and other animals, kill native species, and contaminate water sources. This invasive species can thrive in 79% of Texas and their population continues to increase exponentially. A study from 2004 estimated that Texas had around $52 million in damages annually resulting from feral hogs. Now, that estimation reaches as high as $1.5 billion nationwide. Needless to say, their presence within Texas is detrimental to ranching and landowning.

To get an idea of the scope of

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In Part I of this series, we took a close look at how the popularity of Texas hill country land and the empowering of Groundwater Conservation Districts (GCD) in 2001 marked the beginning of the run up in land prices statewide.

Now it’s time to take a look at the underlying resources and the politics that to this day, effect the value and usability of Texas hill country land.  

Before we dig in, it helps to understand the broken slab and broken pipes geological nature of the Texas hill country, illustrated to some degree in the following map of major Texas aquifers:  

Major Aquifers in Texas | Legacy Broker Group

Of particular interest to landowners in the Texas hill country are the violet and blue Trinity and Edwards aquifers.  

Outflows along and from the from the base of the

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Question: Can you, as a buyer, possibly make a better deal by dealing directly with the agent whose name is on the “For Sale” sign?


Answer: Probably not...and the law (quoted below) puts you at a disadvantage.


AS A SUBAGENT: A license holder acts as a subagent when aiding a buyer in a transaction without an agreement to represent the buyer. A subagent can assist the buyer but does not represent the buyer and must place the interests of the owner first.


For clarity’s sake, understand that 1) the license holder is me, 2) the buyer is you, and 3) the owner is the individual who is selling a property.


Many buyers make the mistake of assuming that working directly with the license holder who is selling an owner’s property

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