Rain Rot: What is it?

It’s spring, so most ranchers & farmers are happy because of all the rain. (ESPECIALLY after the drought)
HOWEVER, wet conditions = Cattle Diseases!
Rain Scald, also known as Rain Rot, is a skin disease caused by the bacteria, Dermatophilus Congolensis.
Rain Rot is seen in all ages of cattle, but particularly in young livestock. This disease begins as a moist circular patch on the cattle’s skin and eventually progresses all over the body if not treated. Patches are mostly seen on the muzzle, tips of the ears, and withers.
The good thing is- if treated early, this condition will heal quickly. Bathing your affected animals with some type of antimicrobial shampoo (Betadine, Cholorhexadine, etc.) will help kill the bacteria efficiently.

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