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Mark Bukowski

Partner | Director of Land and Ranch Sales

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Mark's profound respect for and expertise in the realm of ranching were cultivated through the ownership and operation of numerous ranch properties spanning from Texas to Colorado. These endeavors have endowed him with an extensive reservoir of knowledge and profound insights into the management, valuation, ownership, and cultural aspects of these lands.


His participation in Ranch Horse & Reined Cow Horse competitions, coupled with his tenure on various boards including his role as the former vice president of the Working Ranch Cowboy Association, further enhances his capacity to provide comprehensive insights.


Mark's acumen extends to intricate domains such as water and mineral rights, bolstered by a robust network of contacts and resources. His unparalleled commitment to customer service and his involvement in numerous successful real estate transactions substantiate his unmatched expertise.


Additionally, Mark's experience within his family's century-old construction enterprise, where he steered multi-million dollar projects from conception to fruition, has engendered his reverence for principled, enduring business relationships.


This ethos propels his unwavering commitment to equipping and advising his clients in navigating intricate real estate transactions.


Holding valid real estate licenses in both Colorado and Texas, Mark stands as a trailblazer in issues pertaining to water rights and other land-specific matters in both states. His nuanced comprehension of factors influencing the acquisition and conservation of land, ranches, and diverse property types enriches his guidance.